3 Ways Improving Your Fitness Improves Your Finances

by Michael Plank

People have been worrying about a coming recession for a while now. There are tips all over for cost cutting and belt tightening and ways to buckle down. Our vision includes helping people in all areas of their lives, not just fitness! And so, while I’m not a professional financial advisor, here are some ways that improving your fitness actually improves your finances!

  1. Decreased healthcare costs
    When people ask about things like coaching, sometimes when they hear the cost they say: “I’d never spend that much on fitness.” Fitness and health are inseparable from each other, and everyone spends money on health. Health spending includes things like fitness and nutrition coaching, but it also includes things like co-pays, over-the-counter meds, insurance premiums, and prescription medications. We all need medical care, but it generally seems to be the case that the fitter you are, the healthier you are, and the healthier you are, the fewer the interventions that you need.
  2. Decreased sick time
    It would be great if everyone got paid sick leave, but not everyone does. And for a lot of people, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Staying fit generally improves overall health and increases the odds that you won’t have to take time off due to illness.
  3. Increased productivity
    Especially for people who work in creative fields or commission-based jobs, mental clarity provides huge professional benefits. And there seems to be little doubt that more exercise = better cognitive function. Improve your fitness and your brain works better, which is ultra helpful in any field where how much money you make is tied to how focused and productive you can be.

Now, money is not everything. Hustle is not everything. Intangibles are important and rest is critical.

But one of the best parts of taking up an exercise regimen is seeing how it improves way more than just your fitness.