Healthy Holidays Ahead

by Aimee Wojtowecz

Does the thought of a holiday season abundant with “special treats” and extra alcohol stress you out? Are you an all-or-nothing type of person, especially when it comes to the holidays? Do you say things to yourself  like “I already blew my diet so I may as well keep going and start again next week” or “I won’t be able to stay on track this holiday season so at least I can enjoy it”?

I want you to pause for a moment and reflect on how that approach has been working for you. How do you feel mentally and physically afterwards?

It’s pretty rare for that approach to help you reach your goals, and I would also guess that you don’t typically feel energized or motivated with this all-or-nothing approach. What if you weren’t “on” or “off” your diet, but you just ate both foods that you want and foods that fulfill your nutritional needs? 

Let’s try an exercise this holiday season to break the cycle,  I promise you it’s simple.

This year be more mindful and less restrictive with your choices. That’s it.

Those “special treats” that are at every event, are they really that special? Are there other times throughout the year that you might have this treat? Is it something you could have any time you wanted anyway? Or is it Grandma Betty’s secret recipe apple pie that you get only on Thanksgiving Day? Now that is something special. Prioritize what extras are going to be worth it to you this holiday season and don’t feel obligated to take an extra slice of pumpkin pie if you don’t want it just because it’s there. Or do if that’s what you really want.  

The point is next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by holiday choices, pause and reflect, this time thinking about future you – How do you want to feel mentally and physically afterwards? Start writing a new story this holiday season and stop stressing about staying “on-track”. 

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