Win the Mental Battle

What’s the hardest part of the workout?

The burpees? Kettlebell swings? Thrusters? (by FAR, my least favorite)

Nope. It’s not that those things are so hard… It’s making yourself do those things that’s so hard.

When your pulse is pounding faster than the booming music, sweat is pouring into your eyes, you’re gasping for air, and all you want to do in the whole world is stop…

Making yourself pick up that bar, drop down to the floor, swing that kettlebell… that’s where the real battle is.

Here are maybe the 3 most powerful words in your arsenal…


When you finish those pull-ups and walk over to the barbell, dreading the burn that you know is coming… pick that bar up and JUST GET ONE.

When you’re so blasted you can hardly see straight, but you can still make out that kettlebell on the floor… waiting for you… mocking you… pick it up and JUST GET ONE.

Those things you hate to do rise up and they look like unbeatable demons. And they have the most power in the moment of your fear and hesitation. You do one rep and you take their power away. You do one rep and it proves to you that you can do it. You do one rep and it keeps you moving FORWARD.

And 9 times out of 10, one rep turns into 3 or 5 or 10, and before you know it, you’ve destroyed another workout and left it behind you.

It’s a huge psychological win. And that’s not half the battle… It’s the whole damn war.

Grab that bar. Swing that kettlebell. Drop to the floor.