What’s Your “Why”?

All over the internet right now, motivational sources encourage you to find your “Why.” (I’ve encouraged people to do it too).

The thinking goes that if your WHY – your reason for doing what you’re doing – is big enough, you can overcome any HOW. It’s good advice. And I believe that it’s true.

Here’s the problem… it’s overplayed. And like anything overplayed, it loses its meaning.

And so I have facebook friends (and I bet you do too) who post up a picture of their baby or their parents and they say “Finally starting my fitness journey. This is my WHY!”

…and then a week later, or a month, or two months they’ve quit working out.

Now, I’m not questioning their love for their children or their parents, and if you’ve done that, I’m not questioning yours either. But I will say that if you can quit your journey at all, especially if it only takes weeks or months, then it wasn’t really your WHY.

A WHY that can overcome any HOW is more than a 20-second instagram post.

Finding your WHY – your real WHY – is painful. It can be scary. It’s difficult. Because you have to take an honest look at yourself, and when you do, you sometimes find things you don’t like. But it’s also how you find that thing that really can drive you to achieve the impossible.

Because overplayed or not, a real WHY is powerful. A real WHY can overcome any HOW.

It just has to be real.


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