Patience is a Virtue

Do you know how amazing life is right now?

You can literally touch your phone in the right places and a car will show up wherever you are to take you wherever you want to go.

You can say things, like “Alexa, order me shampoo” to what is basically just a speaker and two days later whatever you wanted will show up on your doorstep.

I had a delicious strawberry the other day. It’s the middle of January.

We can get almost anything in the world that we want, and we can get it pretty much immediately.

So it’s no wonder that when everything else is like that we get discouraged if we don’t immediately lose 20, 40, or 60 pounds in 6 weeks… or 6 months… or 2 years. It’s no wonder that we start looking for another quick fix, or secret training program, or supplement because we still don’t have that 6-pack even though we’ve been at it since 2016. It’s no wonder that we almost quit when we don’t have snatches down even though we’ve trained for 3 months. But the truth is that it takes time.

That’s Lidia Valentin with a 124kg (273lb) snatch. She’s been competing for 14 years.

This is Mark Bell. He’s a world-class powerlifter and is jacked. He’s been lifting for 28 years. And in between he looked like this…

This is Ernestine Shepherd, 77 years old in this picture, here, she’s twenty-one years into her fitness journey.

Good things take time. We want weight loss and jacked abs and cool skills today. But we can’t have them. And that gets frustrating, I know.

But guess what? The time is going to pass either way. Whether you get discouraged and quit for something else, or show up with consistency and dedication for slow, measured progress, the years pass in the exact same amount of time for everyone.

You might as well be patient and buckle in for the ride.