The New Standard American Diet

by Aimee Wojtowecz

When you think of the Standard American Diet what do you think of? Do you think of broccoli and chicken breasts? Meatloaf and potatoes? Fast food burgers and fries? Any of these choices would be correct. But what if your “diet” consisted of more? The new American diet is everything you consume, which is A LOT more than just food. 

Think about all the choices you make on a regular basis when it comes to what you consume. Personal preferences, nutrition knowledge, spending habits, social media influence, goals, support system, health statistics and more contribute to a large and complex picture. So how do you incorporate all of these sources into your personal nutrition plan? 

Remember back in elementary school when you had to do circle diagrams?

These can be beneficial for more than just social studies projects. Breaking down everything you have to consider when you purchase and consume your food can actually help you clarify your goals and what’s most important to you but it also helps to show you just how complex your own nutrition is. As you can see it’s far more than just the individual foods that you are eating. Our personal worlds continue to get smaller and smaller thanks to technology which means there will be even more to consume and consider in the future. 

So what’s in your nutrition plan? What do you think about when you plan your meals, where you will eat out, who you will eat with, the brands you spend your money on? Does this align with your goals and values? Take ten minutes to make your own diagram and dig deep into what you are consuming and if it is the right plan for you. If you need a hand, just schedule a free nutrition consult and we can help!