The Magic Bullet

by Michael Plank

We’ve written about this before and we’ll write about it again because dang, is it hard to wait for stuff these days. You can get same day delivery on online orders. You can touch your phone screen in the right places and groceries or dinner shows up at your doorstep. You can get almost anything you want at almost any time you want it.

But not everything.

And one of those things is fitness. Fitness takes time. There’s no hack or shortcut or drug. I can’t find who said it, but even things like anabolic steroids – which absolutely give a competitive edge – “won’t turn a chihuahua into a pitbull.” Getting stronger, faster, healthier, are all things that take time. But there is a magic bullet that works like a dream. In fact, it’s the single most effective thing we’ve ever encountered and that’s been affirmed by study after study, coach after coach, superstar after superstar. The secret to all your fitness dreams is…


That’s it. It’s showing up week after week, month after month, year after year. One of my mentors told me once “Consistent mediocrity beats inconsistent excellence every time.”

That’s not to say that progress is linear (it’s not), or that the metrics you use to determine success won’t change (they will). It is to say that the most effective thing you can do to get better – whatever better means for you – is to just keep going. It may not always be easy, but it’s simple. And when it’s not easy? That’s why you have coaches, and accountability, and relationships, and friends, and all those things that we build in at UPCF to make showing up as easy as possible. Because if you just keep showing up, the rest will come.