Enjoy the Holidays

by Michael Plank

We are smack dab in the holiday season. Every year we talk to people who get so nervous about the holidays derailing everything they’ve worked so hard for. From January through the first half of November they’ve come to the gym 3 times every week, improved their sleep, transformed their nutrition habits, added stretching and journaling, and now it’s a nonstop cookie and party parade everywhere they look. EVERYTHING IS RUINED!

Here’s a Holiday PSA for you…

It’s possible that actually everything is fine.

Think of the first day you can remember that was one you were really proud of… a day where you got lots of sleep the night before, you managed your stress well, fueled and hydrated your body, and got in a great workout. A perfect day! Now here’s the follow-up question… did that one perfect day get you all the amazing results you were dreaming of? Of course not. One day isn’t enough to catapult you forward in your progress. It’s not enough to derail your progress either. Two days isn’t enough. Five days isn’t enough.

Four weeks is enough to put on a couple of pounds. But the only way that’s the same as derailing all of your progress is if you don’t ever step away from the nonstop cookie and party parade even after the holidays are over. But you will. Because the holiday season ends. And what you do for the 6 weeks from November 19-December 31 is way less important than what you do for the 46 weeks from January to November.

Enjoy the holidays!