Consistency is Key

by Michael Plank

There is a whole lot in this world that we can get nearly immediately. Results from fitness and nutrition aren’t one of those things. At least not if we want them to be results that are sustainable long-term without making us miserable human beings. But because there’s so much that we can get right now, it can be frustrating to wait for the results we work so hard for.

And so all the time we are tempted by intensity: 4 weeks to a bigger deadlift, 30-day detox, 90-day sprints, etc., etc. And look, we run a CrossFit gym. Intensity does have its place. But for long-term results, intensity isn’t the key. Consistency is the key. Sporadic intensity leads to yo-yo progress and frustrating. If you’re going to be intense with something, be intense with your consistency.

Lift weights, prioritize protein, veggies, and fruits, drink water, sleep, walk, stretch, put your phone down for a bit each day.

Then just keep doing that. It might be slow, it might be boring, but it works. And it works super well.