Why Pay Extra for 1-on-1 Training?

by Michael Plank

Group training costs less, for sure.

The number of dollars you’ll pay to a good coach to work with you 1-on-1 is undoubtedly bigger than the number of dollars you’ll pay for group coaching, which is definitely more expensive than no coaching at all.

So why do it?

Because it works so much faster.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress without it. 

We’ve run a CrossFit gym for nearly a decade. For the first half of that time, group fitness was the only thing we offered. I’ve seen a handful of people make MASSIVE physical change through group coaching alone and I’ve seen a ton of people make massive emotional and psychological change through group coaching. But over the last few years, since we started adding 1-on-1 options (like nutrition coaching, personal training, habit/accountability coaching), the people I can think of since 2020 that have had the most dramatic results – the ones where everyone asks them their secret, where people start saying they want to be like them, where people start talking about “this woman at my gym,” “this guy I workout with,” – those people… without exception… have included 1-on-1 coaching as part of their plan. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Is 1-on-1 coaching the only way? Absolutely not.

Do you HAVE to do it to get results? Of course you don’t.

But there’s nothing faster. It’s the closest thing to a magic bullet that there is.