Reasons NOT to go to the gym

by Michael Plank

There are great reasons to skip the gym. Here are a few:

  • Family emergency
  • You’re sick
  • Mandatory overtime
  • You mentally just can’t take one more thing
  • Date with your spouse
  • Kids’ first dance recital
  • Vacation
  • Terrible sleep last night

Going to the gym is important. Regular exercise is extremely important. But at any given moment on any given day, going to the gym is not necessarily the MOST important thing. There are tons of valid reasons to not go.

But don’t skip because you’re nervous about not knowing what to do.

Don’t skip because you’re not the fittest one there.

Don’t skip because you won’t do a “good job.”

Don’t skip because you don’t know anybody yet.

Don’t skip because you think no one will notice.

Don’t skip because you’re discouraged.

Don’t skip because of shame of any kind.

Don’t skip because you’re embarrassed that you skipped last time.

Every day, you have a choice about what you’ll do for your body. That choice doesn’t always have to be exercise in general, or the gym in particular. Every situation is different. Now, if you’re struggling, talk to your coach. If you don’t have a coach, we can help you find one (even if it’s not us). But in the meantime, just come to more training sessions than you skip. Then keep doing that. Because coming consistently, month after month and year after year, is how you transform your life.