What the Heck is ‘Accessory Work’?

You’re going to be hearing that term a lot soon: ACCESSORY WORK

I mean, you can pretty much figure out that it means
“extra stuff,” but why?

How many of you remember your first CrossFit “warmup,” sweating buckets, panting like a dog in the summertime, hearing the coach say, “Ok now that we’re done with the warmup…” and then thinking “Wait… you mean we’re just getting STARTED??”

Rigorous warm-up, mobility, strength or skill, a brutal workout, and, starting in a couple of weeks, accessory work too.

But it’s not because we’re sadists (promise!). And it’s not because we like seeing you try weird things (most accessory movements are weird).

See? Proof.



Accessory work rounds you out.

Can CrossFit give you everything you need? Yes. Absolutely. IF you move perfectly.

But if you don’t… if you’ve got a desk job… if you’ve got a nagging injury… if you haven’t gotten around to mobility homework… if you’re still trying to balance working out, nutrition, kids, job, etc…

You could maybe use a little extra core work. Or some help getting your back strong enough to maintain good posture. Or some extra grip strength to bang out a few more pull-ups or deadlifts.

So that’s what we’ll give you.

Accessory Work will be programmed Monday-Friday and will never take more than 5-10 minutes.

It will be an optional, but highly encouraged, add-on for you at the end of class. We’ll clean-up, get scores up, high five, and then it’ll be accessory work time.

It’s going to give you what you need to eliminate weaknesses, prevent injury, rehab old injuries, and get you to be the best athlete you can be!

Get pumped!


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