You Can Do Hard Things

by Michael Plank

There are a million reasons to work out.

But one of them is this: training makes you stronger. Physically stronger, for sure. But also mentally stronger.

Here’s why: there are elements of training that are uncomfortable. There are times when you won’t want to go. There are times when you’ll be too tired, too busy, too unmotivated. But then you’ll do it anyway. And every time you choose to exercise even though it’s uncomfortable, even though you’re tired, even though you’re busy, even though you’re not motivated… every time you do that, you strengthen that decision-making muscle.

You get better and better at doing things that are hard. That helps with workouts.

But it also helps with asking for a promotion, or standing up for yourself, or having a difficult conversation, or doing the right thing even when it would be easier not to.

And all of that is important because life is hard sometimes.

But you can do hard things. And you can even better at it with practice.