What We Care About at UPCF (and what we don’t)

by Michael Plank

We care about community and support.

We care about whether or not you show up and we’ll (gently) harass you when you don’t.

We care about celebrating what you CAN do.

We care about friendship and accomplishment and fun.

We care about your experience.

We don’t care if you haven’t worked out in 2 years. Life happens.

We don’t care that you didn’t finish 75 Hard or that you were at another gym before.

We don’t care if you wear cargo shorts and old sneakers to work out or you have the latest matching gear from Born Primitive.

We don’t care about what you benched in high school or that you were in “way better shape” before kids or could do more things before some old injury or arthritis got in the way.

We don’t care that yesterday was “a bad day” nutrition-wise.

We don’t care about past mistakes.

We care about making your life better. We care about helping you be healthier and happier. We care about being a space where you can grow more fully into yourself. We care about being with you on the journey, through all its ups and downs. We care about YOU.