How to Prioritize Workouts

by Michael Plank

Fall is almost here! For a lot of folks that means more routine and a return to “normal,” but for some it means that all the flexibility of summer now gets lost in school, sports, band, drama, choir, and all of that stuff. When we get busy, one of the first things we cut from our week are things that feel optional. Lunch with friends? Scrap it. Coffee on the porch? Not today. Reading for an hour before bed? Nope.

And one of those things that feels optional is exercise. After all, is your day tomorrow really going to be that different if you don’t exercise today? (It won’t).

But of course we know that exercise is not optional. It’s not optional any more than sleep is optional, or food is optional, or water is optional. We can just go without it for longer before we notice any ill effects.

So here’s the easiest way I know to prioritize workouts. When I heard about this tip, it honestly changed the game for me.

At the beginning of the week, put your workouts on your calendar.

Treat them like an appointment you have; like a meeting; something that is important. Practice saying, “Sorry, I can’t stay late today; I have another commitment.”

I’m not saying it has to be perfect. I’m not saying your workouts have to be carved in stone. But I am saying that the things you treat as important are the things that you’ll make time for. And this is an easy shift that’s made a big difference for me. Hope it does for you too.