Goals are Great, but…

by Michael Plank

…they can be overrated.

Instead of setting a goal of working out 3 days a week, answer these questions:

What is a person who regularly exercises like?

Do they schedule their workouts before they schedule other things? (probably yes)

Do they keep gym clothes/shoes/etc easily accessible? (probably yes)

Do they have a place they like to go and people they like to go with? (probably yes)

Do they have someone to hold them accountable? (probably yes)

How do they eat? (a million possibilities, but probably with intention)

How much do they focus on their sleep? (probably at least a little)

How much water do they drink? (probably a lot – but probably not as much as a gallon)

Do they fall into a shame spiral if they miss a day? (probably not)

Then go be like that kind of person. Do the kinds of things they do. Hang out with the kinds of people they do. Act the way they act. Fake it til you make it. And then one day you will wake up and discover that you have become that person and working out 3 days a week is easy because you ARE a person who regularly exercises.