Fitness Made Easy

by Michael Plank

Here’s the prescription.

Every day, move your body for 30 minutes

Over the course of the week, do each of the following at least once:

Lift something from the floor until you get tired.

Lift something over your head until you get tired.

Pull something toward yourself until you get tired.

Carry something in your hands or in a pack until you get tired.

Sit down and stand up, holding weights in a lot of variations, until you get tired.

Get really out of breath at least once.

Walk the rest of the time.

If you can do it outside, do it. If you can do it with friends, even better.

We’re good at helping people do this stuff. But don’t overthink it. The secret isn’t in some new program or new formula or new piece of equipment. The secret is to break out of the grip of couches and screens and move your body. By every metric you can think of, any exercise is infinitely better than no exercise.