Fitness 4 Lyf

by Michael Plank

“Fitness” pulls in all sorts of other things… eating nutritious foods, taking care of your joints and range of motion, sleeping enough, and obviously, getting in lots of exercise.

I think a MASSIVE disservice done by the fitness industry is all the “Get Fit in 6 weeks,” “Get ripped in 30 days,” “I did push-ups for 30 days and here’s what happened” stuff. (And listen, I’ve been guilty of it).

Is brushing your teeth a 6-week journey? How many showers do you have to take in 30 days to be done showering? What program do you need to never have to cook dinner again?

Ridiculous, right? These are ongoing things that you do because that’s just how you have to take care of yourself. You brush your teeth because it keeps them healthy. You take a shower because it’s good to by hygienic. You cook dinner because it’s dinner time and you have to eat.

Physical health is critical. Find something you enjoy, and maybe find people you enjoy doing it with. Because fitness isn’t a 4-week or 6-week or 6-month process… it’s what you do to take care of the one body you’ll ever get.

What would it look like if we thought about it that way?