Don’t Overthink It

by Michael Plank

You ever forget to brush your teeth?

Maybe you stayed up super late and were tired. Maybe you fell asleep on the couch. Maybe you celebrated a little extravagantly with friends. And then maybe you woke up the next day and realized you didn’t brush your teeth the night before.

Does it catapult you into a shame spiral? Do you tell yourself that you just can’t do anything right? Do you hate-scroll everyone with pearly white teeth? Maybe you say, “screw it, I’ll just brush again in January.”


Do you just brush your teeth the next day and move on with your life?

The holidays are wild. But Christmas was two days ago.

There’s no need to put fitness and nutrition on some kind of pedestal above showering or brushing your teeth or any other regular maintenance thing you do for yourself.

Today, brush your teeth, move your body, drink some water, eat some vegetables and protein, and move on with your life.