All or Nothing Doesn’t Work

by Michael Plank

The most successful people I know are masters of balance.

They’re are happy. They’re relaxed. They’re healthy. And they’re resilient.

By contrast, the people who are all-in-or-all-out are stressed, unbalanced, and fragile. I don’t mean physically… but I mean that when a no-room-for-error elite exerciser gets hurt and can’t train, they have an emotional crisis.

No judgment here. We all have our own struggles. But it’s easy to see someone who’s at the top of their game in one specific area and become convinced that they have it all together.

The people who actually DO have it all together are people who have figured out that while a diet largely composed of nutrient-dense, whole foods is important, taking your kids out for ice cream on a hot summer night when their grandparents are in town might also be important. 

They understand that while focus and work output are important, being able to spontaneously get a drink with your friends when they’re in town also has a ton of value.

Don’t get trapped by the all-or-nothing, never-miss-a-workout, never-eat-a-gram-of-sugar, never-ever-ever-eat-carbs mentality.

Balance works a lot better long term, and you’ll be a lot happier while you do it.