I remember hearing that as a kid… “You don’t have to like it.”

Usually when I was complaining about something, about chores, or homework, or going to school. It always felt tough and kind of mean.

But I thought of it the other day. We had a tough workout and a lot of people were discouraged. And I get that.

It sucks feeling like you don’t do well. It sucks when your coordination just doesn’t come together. It sucks when you’re so stiff from sleeping on the floor in your kid’s room that you can’t get good overhead range. It sucks when your energy levels just aren’t there because you were up late arguing with your family.

Then you get to that workout and it slaps you in the face and kicks you in the gut while you’re down. There are days like that.

But here’s the good news… Your body doesn’t care whether or not you have fun working out at all. You might be on the verge of tears because you’ve spent the last 2 minutes and gotten ZERO double-unders. You might be ready to break something because your elbows are just so slow on those cleans.

But your body doesn’t care at all.

Your muscles are still getting stronger. Your heart and lungs are still getting more efficient. Your brain is still wiring new patterns.

I’ve told all of our coaches from the beginning that the most important thing we can do as a coaching team is make sure YOU have a great time at your workout. Because if you do, chances are good that you’ll be back for another one, which means you’ll keep making progress.

But we can play your favorite songs and you can work out with your favorite people, and it can be your favorite movements, and it still might suck.

But on those days, just remember: You don’t have to like it for it to be 100% worth it.