“Why Don’t You Put Your Memberships on Your Website?”

by Michael Plank

Sometimes – maybe once a month – someone who reaches out about joining will ask why we don’t put our membership options on our website… We used to! But now we don’t. And here’s why…

Two years ago, when gyms had to close their doors for months, we had the opportunity to really go back to the drawing board and figure out what exactly we offered. Was it CrossFit? OR was CrossFit a tool we used for something else? With the help of our brilliant business mentors, we realized that the product we offer at Underwood Park CrossFit is coaching.

Coaching is about one thing: helping you move closer to your goals. And our memberships are all built to help us deliver that coaching to you.

But a good coach has more than one tool. We use care and compassion, accountability, perspective, movement refinement, and programming. We do that in group classes, we do that in personal training, we do that in nutrition coaching, and we do that in virtual coaching. We do that with written communication, video communication, and in person. We do that through resource recommendations and follow ups. We do that through pushing people hard. We do that through taking them by the hand and gently leading them. We do that through referring people to other professionals. And we have and use so many different tools because, to quote the great show Ted Lasso, “all people are different people.”

What works for Susie might not work for you. What works for you might not work for John. The approach you need to achieve your goals is one that we can’t possibly know until we know what your goals are and, more importantly, until we know you.

Do you work best in a group or 1-on-1? Do you like someone to yell “KEEP GOING!” or do you prefer someone to quietly nod and say “You can do this. I believe in you”? Are you confident in your abilities or is this way out of your comfort zone?

All of these are things we get into in our No Sweat Intro – a 1-on-1 conversation that we have with all prospective members before they sign up. And once we know your goals and we know more about you and how you operate and move through the world, then we can confidently prescribe a plan to you.

Because here’s what our years of experience have taught us: the best plan isn’t the flashiest or the cheapest or the trendiest. The best plan is the one that works. And that one that works best is the one that you’re most likely to follow. And the one that you’re most likely to follow is the one that’s built for you.