Why Coaching Matters

When CrossFit first burst onto the scene 20 years ago, the workouts were revolutionary. As gyms began to affiliate and join the CrossFit brand, individual coaches would put their own tweaks on the methodology and come up with workouts that have now become staples in the Functional Fitness world. The programming we use at our gym is awesome, but the reality is that there is an almost infinite number of options – lots of them free – if all you need is a list of workouts.
But it probably isn’t.
Probably you need support. Probably you need accountability. And I’d be willing to bet just about anything that if you’re reading this, the real thing you need is someone who knows how to take the long view on your fitness journey.
You need someone who can come up with a health and wellness plan that works for you: for your goals, for your lifestyle, for your priorities. And just as importantly, you need someone who can adjust your plan as life changes for you.
Maybe you started with two group classes a week, but you struggle with gymnastics way more than you thought you would – your coach can help you with additional personal training. Maybe you jumped into fitness hoping you would lose 25lbs, but you’ve seen that weight loss stall – your coach can help you with an individualized approach to nutrition.
We all have blind spots. A coach sees what you don’t and then helps you make a plan to address what you need, and periodically adjusts the plan to be sure you’re getting what you’re definitely after, which is results.
At our gym, we run 1-on-1 quarterly goal setting sessions with each of our members to do exactly that. Good workouts are fun and definitely important. But the magic? That’s in the coaching.